About Us

Pastor Andre Murphy and Peggy Murphy moved to Montana to pastor an existing church. Commissioned and sent by Dr. Robin Holland’s congregation at Living Hope Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado, the Murphy’s felt supported in taking the lead. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned. They had to leave their position at the Montana church and wanted to move back to Colorado. But to their surprise, when they left the existing church, a group followed them. Peggy says they were ready to call it quits, but instead Dr. Holland encouraged them to stay, and under Dr. Holland’s leadership, they pastored the group of 30 people in their basement. The group outgrew the space, and Andre began looking for a meeting location. They found Grace Baptist Church, which had affiliated with Converge in 1920. The congregation was small and aging, with a few young families and children. Andre approached the church leaders about renting a space, and they agreed. Sharing the building was only the beginning of the relationship. Gerry Devereux, the pastor at the time, saw life in Murphy’s group and welcomed their congregation into their building. He had been planning his retirement, so why not pass the torch to this young, vibrant congregation?

Living Grace Church is the marriage of those two very different church bodies who through obedience to the will of God united with Kingdom mindedness. Living Word Church started in 2011 and and Grace Baptist Church was well established in the Great Falls community since 1893 under the leadership of Pastor Gerald Devereux who passed the torch to Pastor Andre Murphy upon his retirement.  On September 1st, 2013 the two became one church Living Grace, now one congregation, with their first African American pastor. As with any church merger, a few people left, but Living Grace is going strong.  First Lady Peggy says the mix of people is unlike any other church she’s been a part of. When they lived in Denver, diversity was all around them, as compared to the majority-white population in Great Falls. Today, in what is now Living Grace Church; on a Sunday morning you’ll experience a variety of worship styles.

Our church is excited about sharing the gospel in the City of Great Falls.  We believe in teaching God’s word and with help from the Holy Spirit learning how to walk this journey in a way that honors God.  We want everyone to hear the good news.

Our leadership team and  members are committed to serving the Lord and this community. Our church body is a church that is committed to growing as individuals, families, and a community.

We are blessed and continue to seek the face of God and consider it an honor to be used by Him.

We invite you to come worship with us, learn, grow and serve.